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               Rock Road Atv Park                 
Park has lots of trails for atv,utv and also dirt bikes. There are mud trails,water holes,dry trails,sand trails with lots to explore...
Make sure to check out the Photo gallery page on here to see images of the riding area that we have...
Park is located just 10 mins south of Portage la Prairie in the Portage Sandhills.
There are 3 shelter's with woodstoves in the park,one is at the staging area and 2 are out in the club, and a washroom has been installed behind the shelter in the parking lot.

***** COVID -19 *****
With all the recent events with the covid-19 and social distancing we appreciate if everyone can follow these rules while out in the atv park.

thxs for your support and enjoy the park

Facebook - Portage Off Road vehicle Club- here you can find out about rides and other things goin on with the atv club.

Facebook - Manitoba Atv Derby & Events - 2020 season derby dates ***** most events will be cancelled due to covid-19 *****


**** Memberships****

 2020 memberships will be $40 for single and $60 for a familly

are available for  purchase from the following locations

Avenue Honda Polaris - 2501 Saskatchewan Ave W, Portage La Prairie

Or you can come to a Club Meeting and purchase one there.

Or you can go to the Contact Us page on here and email us.

You can now purchase park memberships here on the site, just click the  WEB STORE page at the top and you can pay with paypal.

( once you have paid for park pass online we will mail you the stickers, for a familly pass please let us know how many stickers you need. There will be a waiver and a set of rules also with the stickers and you can sign waiver and mail back)



**** Map to Park **** 

 Check out the new page to find out where the riding area is located,also there is a marked trail now in the club area.

**** Trail Map ****

A new page has been added with a trail map to help you navigate the atv park.


**** Club Meeting****